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FT- Norwich 2-3 Liverpool

This does not fucking slip now!!!

Norwich City 2-3 Liverpool FC

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Three to go.


1/? → of Simon Mignolet


1/?  of Simon Mignolet

With a good captain …

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Gerrard: "I’ve run out of words to describe him. Performances like this, where he hasn’t scored for four or five games, but he’s getting assists, he’s causing so much problems. He’s relentless. He’s a winner, he’s a killer and we’re lucky to have him."

Suarez: "In those moments I forgot that he was ‘world football great Gerrard’, a Liverpool legend, but as a humble person who spoke to me with all his heart for hours. He said I was the best forward he’d ever played with, which given the amazing strikers that he’s played with at Liverpool, was amazing for me to hear. I’ll never forget that.

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